50’x50′ International April 2016 League Standings

This starts off the second quarter league for the 50’x50′. We played a game called the Minuet in which a dog is required to do the same small (but technical sequence) over and over, until time expires. The presumption of the game’s inventor is that the Minuet will ultimately expose flaws in the handler’s logic and technique. This a competitive league, with numbers growing and most of the players including YouTube links.

50‘x50‘ International ~ Results

The Top Dog for the April 50’x50′ International League was Radical Rabbit, a Malinois run by Kirstin O’Neill of Team Canada. Radical Rabbit finished with 8.1 points, in a time of 54.34 seconds. You can see Radical Rabbit’s winning run in the Minuet here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBmOFEoC2ck

Team Canada has taken a strong lead in the 50×50 International league.

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