Month: June 2016

June 2016 NDAL League Courses

The National Dog Agility League has four ongoing leagues; each of them organized by the size of the working space. Each of these leagues has a theme that [...]

May 2016 NDAL 50×50 International League Standings

The 50x50 “A” league has hit the century mark… we now have 100 dogs competing it this tough and competitive league. In May we played a game called Pole [...]

May 2016 NDAL 50×70 League Standings

The 50x70 “B” league has become popular and competitive NDAL league. We played a Looper course. AQ4U's Fast & Furryous has taken the lead in this [...]

May 2016 NDAL 60×90 League Standings

The 60x90 “C” league has turned into an intense competition. The Clermont County All Breed All Stars is holding onto the lead. But inasmuch as the league [...]

May 2016 NDAL 36×85 League Standings

May2016 NDAL 36x85 League Standings This is a new league that was put together to accommodate a new club with a working space of precisely 36' by 85'. The club [...]