Month: March 2017

February 2017 36×85 Fast & Fun League Results

The February NDAL 36x85 Fast & Fun League has Wicked West Australians in Banjup, Western Australia with a convincing lead. Country Dream Agility in [...]

February 2017 60×90 Masters League Results

In the February NDAL 60x90 Masters League, the Clermont County All Breed All Stars in Milford, OH expanded their lead in the Winter league. United Colours of [...]

February 2017 50×70 Fast & Fun League Results

The February 50x70 Fast & Fun League was an intense competition. AQ4U's Fast & Furryous in Louisville, KY narrowly won the team competition, and by [...]

February 2017 50×50 International League Results

The February 50x50 International was fairly dominated by Wicked West Australians, the NDAL franchise in Banjup, Western Australia. Wicked posted four of the [...]