October 2017 50×50 International League Results REVISED

The 50×50 International League is focused on those very advanced and improbable kinds of challenges one would expect to encounter in International competition.

Due to an error in course “numbering” one of our franchise clubs incurred a wrong course and failure for a jump (not realizing it was a backside performance). And, since the game is a Looper each member of the team earned these faults twice over.

We are sad, but diligent in correcting the results.

Fall 50×50 International League Begins!

These are preliminary results. There is a possibility that more results may be incoming!


Wicked West Australians Assumes the Early Lead!

The team in first place in the Fall series is Wicked West Australians in Banjup, Western Australia. And the Top Dog overall on the October 50×50 International League represented for the Wicked West Australians: Ripley, a Border Collie handled by Nic Ford finished this course with zero faults in a time of 39.91 seconds, earning 65 Lifetime Performance Points (LPP):

Worth Watching

In a close second place was Clermont County All Breed All Stars in Milford, OH. The top scoring dog for the All Stars was Leela, a Border Collie handled by Brenda Gilday. Leela and Brenda finished this Looper with 5 in 40.91 seconds, earning a score of 45.91 and 62 LPP:

You can view the October 50×50 International “Looper” and see the placements for all dogs here: http://www.dogagility.org/Documents/Results/Standings100117a50x50.pdf. Most of the results for the Fast and Fun League are graced with a YouTube recording.

November 50×50 International Preview

The November challenge will be the second of three competitions of the Fall 2017 series. The November challenge was based on coursework designed by Wayne Van Deusen.


This numbered course shall be scored Time, Plus Faults.

Jumping into the League

New clubs are always welcome to join us for play in the NDAL. A new club can download the scorekeeping worksheet here: http://www.dogagility.org/documents/Events/Scoresheet110117a50x50.xls. Active franchises have been emailed the scorekeeping worksheets populated with their active rosters.

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