36×85 Fast & Fun Nov 2017 RESULTS

The November 2017 Fast & Fun League game was a numbered course. A numbered course is scored Time, Plus Faults.


This game lived up to its billing as a “Fast & Fun”. The design is a bit of a race track, with loops, big and small allowing the dog to be released to work. And, the course featured a single change of sides. Two performances of the A-frame will test the dog’s contacts when working at full speed.

November Performance Report


Most individual performances include a YouTube recording. You can view detail results here:


With one month remaining in the Fall League series, Wicked West Australians, in Banjup Western Australia holds a fairly comfortable lead. Country Dream Agility, in Waterford, Ohio improved in November, but nonetheless fell slightly farther behind the leading team.

The Top Dog in the November for the 36×85, representing the Wicked West Australians, was Ripley, a Border Collie handled by Nic Ford. Ripley and Nic finished this course with zero faults in 29.02 seconds, (earning 70 LPP):

The second place dog represented the team in second place, Country Dream Agility. Phoenix, a Border Collie handled by Bud Houston. Phoenix finished this course with zero faults in 29.22 seconds (69 LPP):

Noteworthy: Representing Dog Ranch in North Gower, Ontario, Canada was Bailey, a Shetland Sheepdog handled by Susan Bray. Bailey and Susan finished this course with zero faults in 34.82 seconds (62 LPP):

Jumping into the League

New clubs are always welcome to join us for play in the NDAL 36×85 Fast & Fun League. As the league name implies, this competition is run in a 36×85 competition space and is dedicated to wide open and fast running courses with modest technical challenges.

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