50X50 International Nov 2017 RESULTS

The November 2017 International league game was a Numbered Course; which is a simple matter of “follow the numbers”. Of course, in an International course follow the numbers mightn’t be such a simple thing at all.


The central riddles of this course was the Pull-Through, in which the handler is obligated to direct the dog past a perfectly good wrong course option to find the next correct obstacle. Note first the long transition from jump #4 to the pipe tunnel at #5. This theme was repeated in the transition from jump #15 to the pipe tunnel at #16.

The course included a smattering of the obligatory Backside approach to obstacles. Indeed the course begins with a backside at #2. Jump #6 to the pipe tunnel at #7 presented a compound backside riddle, as both obstacles are approached on the backside.

November Performance Report


Most individual performances include a YouTube recording. You can view detail results here:


With one month remaining in the Fall league series, Wicked West Australians in Banjup, Western Australia holding to a narrow lead. The Clermont County All Breed All Stars, in Milford, Ohio gained a couple performance points (LPP) to be within striking distance for the final month of competition.

Sit, Stay, ‘N Play, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania won the November competition handily (having five dogs in the top ten overall). Because of a course numbering penalty in October, this team is tucked back in the cumulative team standings. Note, however, that if this team performs at the same level in December, it will be a very close competition between three teams in the Series.

The Top Dog in the November 50×50 International represented Agility Dream Dogs in Albion, New York. Lacey, a Sheltie handled by Della Sliker finished this course with zero faults in a time of 33.63 seconds (earning 68 LPP):

The second place dog overall represented Sit, Stay, ‘N Play: Mick, a Border Collie handled by Laurie Bowen finished this course with zero faults in 34.19 seconds (67 LPP):

The top scoring dog for Wicked West Australians finished in fourth place overall:           Ripley, a Border Collie handled by Nic Ford, finished this course with zero faults in 35.61 seconds (65 LPP):

Jumping into the League

New clubs are always welcome to join us for play in the NDAL 50×50 International League. As the league name implies, this competition is run in a 50×50 competition space and is dedicated to very advanced and very technical handling challenged. The 50×50 International is not for the weak of heart. At the very minimum, come equipped with a good sense of humor.

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