60X90 Masters January Results

The January 2018 Masters league game was a Numbered Course. A numbered course is always a simple matter of “follow the numbers”. The scoring basis is Time, Plus Faults.


This was a reasonably smooth and flowing course that featured a modest “cluster” that was entered and exited four times; a roller coaster serpentine approach to the weave poles; and a teeter performance with an acute dismount.

The 60×90 Masters league typically attracts between 150 and 200 players each month, and tends to attract the attention of new clubs that have adequate floor space for this challenging competition.

January Performance Report


Most individual performances include a YouTube recording. You can view detail results here:


January was the first month of the Winter series and of the 2018 season. And the season has started with a close competition between the top two teams. United Colours of Agility in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa has taken the early lead, winning the January 60×90 by 26 performance points.

The Top Dog in the January represented for United Colours, the first-place team. Gemma, a Border Collie handled by Susan Dawson finished this course with zero faults in 27.16 seconds:

The second-place team in January was AQ4U’s Fast & Furryous in Brooks, Kentucky. The top scoring dog for AQ4U, and second place dog overall, was Blade, a Border Collie handled by Brian Wakefield. Blade and Brian finished this course with zero faults in 27.63 seconds:

And the third-place team (and 57 points out of first place), was Clermont County All Breed All Stars in Milford, Ohio. The top scoring dog for Clermont County was Oreo, a Border Collie handled by Daelyn Grome. Oreo and Daelyn finished in ninth place overall, finishing this course with zero faults in 31.88 seconds:

February Preview

The February 60×90 Masters course was designed by Dennis Vogel. This is a numbered course that will be scored Time, Plus Faults.


Existing franchises will be emailed their scorekeeping worksheets populated with existing rosters later today.

New players can download a blank scorekeeping worksheet here:


Jumping into the League

New clubs are always welcome to join us for play in the NDAL 60×90 Masters League. As the league name implies, this competition is run in a 60×90 competition space and is dedicated to advanced handling challenges and flow that largely allows the dog to work at full extention.

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