The December 2017 Masters league game was a Numbered Course. A numbered course is always a simple matter of “follow the numbers”. The scoring basis is Time, Plus Faults.


The December course was a Jumpers With Weaves numbered course. Several technical moments faced the team on a course that encouraged the dog to work at full speed. On the dismount of the weave poles at #7 the handler had to consider drawing the dog to a straighter approach through the #8 and #9 jump. And on the dismount of the #11 pipe tunnel the #6 jump surely offered itself as a wrong course option to the dog. The most technical moment in the course was likely the back-side approach to the #14 jump.

Eleven NDAL franchise clubs and between 140 and 160 dogs have played each month in the 60×90 Masters league in the Fall Series. This league has grown modestly 2017 and will likely continue to grow in 2018.

December Performance Report


Most individual performances include a YouTube recording. You can view detail results here:

AQ4U’s Fast & Furryous in Brooks, Kentucky have won the December 60×90 Masters League with a convincing finish to the series! The top scoring dog for Fast & Furryous was Ember, a Shetland Sheepdog handled by Stacey Breckel. Ember and Stacey finished in second place overall, running this course with zero faults in 26.72 seconds, earning 141 Lifetime Performance Points:

United Colours of Agility in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa moves up to second place with a strong finish in December. The Top Dog in the December 60×90 Masters represented for United Colours: Gemma, a Border Collie handled by Susan Dawson finished this course with zero faults in 25.73 seconds, earning 142 LPP:

The Clermont County All Breed All Stars, in Milford, Ohio entered December with a narrow lead in the series, winning in October and placing a close second in November. But in December the All Stars slipped to third place overall. The top scoring dog for Clermont County was Meherah, a Border Collie owned by Daelyn Grome, and handled by Brenda Gilday. Meherah placed 13th overall in December, finishing this course with zero faults in 31.03 seconds, and earning 130 LPP:

Jumping into the League

New clubs are always welcome to join us for play in the NDAL 60×90 Mastgrers League. This competition is run in a 60×90 space and is dedicated to advanced handling challenges and courses that predominately allow the dog to work in full extension.

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