League Challenge

October League ~ A Numbered Course

The final course of the summer series is a numbered course designed by Game Master Steve Schwarz. Each of league clubs will get the scorekeeping workbook [...]

July 2015 National Dog Agility League Course

This is a bit of a late posting. I’ve had a very busy start to the month of July. And it has put me behind. The course shown below was emailed with the [...]

Summer League 2015 Rules and Stipulations

Following are the rules and stipulations for the National Dog Agility League Summer 2015 competition. This document is intended to be a model but should not be [...]

April 2015 League Courses

The Secretary’s Pick for the month of April 2015 will include two games, shown and described below. Please note that we’re still working on scores from our [...]

September 2014 Agility Challenge

The courses below will be run at the sponsor club, B&D Creekside in Latrobe, PA on September 20, 2014. The Challenge Course for the month of September [...]

The YouTube Agility Challenge

This is a test presentation of event results linking individual records to YouTube recordings. We’re excited by the possibilities. The month isn’t over [...]

Top Dog Agility Challenge

Queen City’s first Top Dog Agility League is in the books. The results stand as an open invitation and challenge to anyone in the world who’d like to [...]