League Play 2Fer

Brenda Gilday left a note on our Yahoo page wondering how to deal with three League courses in January. I guess the simple thing would be to pick two... and [...]

1st Quarter Series 2016 National Dog Agility League

Playing with the NDAL is a simple matter. We’re running three separate leagues based on the size of the working space. So, if you have a working space big [...]

December NDAL Game ~ Winter Series 2015

This is the final game of the 2015 winter series. It is a simple (?) numbered course that is scored Time, Plus Faults. Jumping Into the League We welcome [...]

October League ~ A Numbered Course

The final course of the summer series is a numbered course designed by Game Master Steve Schwarz. Each of league clubs will get the scorekeeping workbook [...]

Wild Ride! The May 2015 League Course

We are pleased and proud to present the May 2015 National Dog Agility League course. This is a course designed by Steve Schwarz, the self-proclaimed “Agility [...]

Everything That’s Old is New

We are working on some sweeping changes to the basic rules, mostly to simplify and make play in Top Dog more attractive and easy to assume. Stand by for a [...]

April 2013 Events

Notes I’ve been working through the score-keeping task for literally everything we’ve done to date. It is far more complicated than you might think! [...]

Welcoming the New Year!

I am excited about the start of the New Year as we begin the marketing of Top Dog Agility Players in earnest. Top Dog is intended to be a truly recreational [...]

New Events Posted: Oct 30, 2012

The new TDAP Secretary Picks are published on: Opening Nov 30, 2012 ~ Closing Dec 21, 2012 113012A86x98 ~ A numbered course for [...]


This is the premier offering of Top Dog Agility Players. The mission of the TDAP is to provide an inexpensive, competitive, games-oriented venue for dogs of [...]