50×50 Premier January Results

The January 2018 50x50 Premier league game was a Looper. A Looper is a numbered course that is run twice, without stopping. The scoring basis is Time, Plus Faults. This course was a technical journey, featuring several back-side and threadle challenges. The 50x50 Premier league tends to attract teams that desire very advanced technical challenges, and [...]

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Wild Ride! The May 2015 League Course

We are pleased and proud to present the May 2015 National Dog Agility League course. This is a course designed by Steve Schwarz, the self-proclaimed “Agility Nerd”. It is [...]

Summer League 2015 Rules and Stipulations

Following are the rules and stipulations for the National Dog Agility League Summer 2015 competition. This document is intended to be a model but should not be viewed as a [...]

March 2015 League Results

We are happy to finally publish the results for the National Dog Agility League competition for March 2015. Top Dog Anne O'Neill, Wynd, Border Collie, F, 20, 16.71 Top [...]

April 2015 League Courses

The Secretary’s Pick for the month of April 2015 will include two games, shown and described below. Please note that we’re still working on scores from our March [...]

NDAL Judges’ Education

As results come in for our March league, it occurs that we have a prodigious task in training our judges to understand rules for performance. I’m seeing a lot of “E” [...]

Cherry Picking from the Catalog

As we await the end of March, whereupon we’ll find out who are the founding clubs for the National Dog Agility League, I am conducting NDAL competition here at my training [...]

Secretary’s Choice March 2015

This is an invitational event to establish the National Dog Agility League. Everyone who participates in March will become a de facto founding member of that league. In many [...]

A National Dog Agility League

Invitations are going out today to join play in an agility league that spans the United States, with the possibility that we’ll be joined by players in other countries. Our [...]

Rules Revision 2015

We've made modest changes to the rules for Top Dog Agility players. You can download the current rule book [...]

Top Dog 2015

We have contracted with Bishop-Lyons Entertainment LLC to shoot a “sizzle” segment to promote a dog agility reality program. Bishop-Lyons will endeavor to sell the program [...]