36×85 Fast & Fun Dec 2017 PREVIEW

The December 2017 36x85 Fast & Fun League game is a Numbered Course designed by Wayne Van Deusen. The scoring basis for this game shall be Time, Plus Faults. This is the final month of the 36x85 Winter Series, and so, also the final month of the year. You can view November standings and results here: http://wp.me/p75niR-pm Jumping into the [...]

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May 2013 Events

  We’ve posted several new events, three numbered courses and one game. Under “Pages” in the column to the right (in the screen you are looking at) click on [...]

April 2013 Events

Notes I’ve been working through the score-keeping task for literally everything we’ve done to date. It is far more complicated than you might think! Possibly by tomorrow [...]

March 2013 Events

Today invitations are going out to a select group of people to join the TDAP Board of Directors. We have a group set up on Yahoo for the important discussions and decisions [...]

Welcoming the New Year!

I am excited about the start of the New Year as we begin the marketing of Top Dog Agility Players in earnest. Top Dog is intended to be a truly recreational venue. As such [...]

New Events Posted: Dec 14, 2012

Opening Dec 14, 2012 ~ Closing January 4, 2013 Each of these are numbered courses, judged under TDAP rules. Competition shall be conducted by a judge and stewards appointed [...]

New Events Posted: Oct 30, 2012

The new TDAP Secretary Picks are published on: http://www.dogagility.org. Opening Nov 30, 2012 ~ Closing Dec 21, 2012 113012A86x98 ~ A numbered course for an 86' by 98' [...]


This is the premier offering of Top Dog Agility Players. The mission of the TDAP is to provide an inexpensive, competitive, games-oriented venue for dogs of all sizes [...]

TDAP Concept

I'm trying to put together a very large competitive agility league that spans the country, and possibly will work its way around the world. The concept is fairly simple. Every [...]