50×50 Premier January Results

The January 2018 50x50 Premier league game was a Looper. A Looper is a numbered course that is run twice, without stopping. The scoring basis is Time, Plus Faults. This course was a technical journey, featuring several back-side and threadle challenges. The 50x50 Premier league tends to attract teams that desire very advanced technical challenges, and [...]

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News from Top Dog Agility

After several years of trying to get Top Dog Agility up and running as a purely grass roots endeavor I’ve given up … on that approach. I’ve known for a long time that [...]

Business Model for Top Dog League Play

This discussion is intended for the dog agility professional engaged in training services as a business; providing training expertise, site, and equipment. The addition of [...]

September 2014 Agility Challenge

The courses below will be run at the sponsor club, B&D Creekside in Latrobe, PA on September 20, 2014. The Challenge Course for the month of September shall be the [...]

August 2014 Challenge

Top Dog Agility Players (TDAP) will publish each month at least one course or game to which any agility player in the world is invited to compete. These are the challenge [...]

The YouTube Agility Challenge

This is a test presentation of event results linking individual records to YouTube recordings. We’re excited by the possibilities. The month isn’t over yet; and we expect [...]

Top Dog Agility Challenge

Queen City’s first Top Dog Agility League is in the books. The results stand as an open invitation and challenge to anyone in the world who’d like to compete on the same [...]

August 2014 Top Dog Agility Challenge

We’re making a modest start with Top Dog in the month of August, 2014. At Queen City Dog Training Club in Cincinnati, Ohio we’ll run a tournament of three challenge [...]

League Play

We need an earnest discussion about the “agility league” especially and obviously as it relates to Top Dog Agility Players. Just a couple days ago we published an [...]

The YouTube Invitational

On August 5th the Top Dog league competition at Queen City Dog Training Club, Cincinnati, will be the focus of the internet-streaming television program The ^Agility [...]

The Show

I have this concept that I’ve been working with all year to produce a schmaltzy Dog Agility television program. Well, it’s not actually television because it would be [...]